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2018 Spring/Summer Schedule


Women's Bible Study - Meet at Church

7pm - weekly

No Childcare

Study: "Living With Passion and Purpose"

Gospel of Luke

Starts 9/3/2019


Men's Bible Study - Meet at Church

7pm - weekly

No boys under High School age

Study: Prophets

Leader: Greg Neuhaus


Shipshewana Area - Meet at Bontrager's

6pm - 2nd and 4th

No Childcare

Study: Matthew

Leader: Mike Bontrager & Mike Vetter

Starts 9/22/2019


So. Milford/North Kendallville Area

Meet at Neuhaus'

7pm - 1st and 3rd

No Childcare

Study: The Gospels

Leader: Greg Neuhaus

Starts 10/2/2019


Women's Bible Study - Meet at Church

9:30am weekly

Supervised Childcare


Study: 1st Corinthians

Starts 9/5/2019


Youth Group

Jr.High & Highschool


Meet at McGuire's


Starts 9/13/2019


Angola Area - Meet at Davenport's

7pm - Twice Monthly

(See Calendar)

No Childcare

Study: Genesis

Leader: Jason Davenport

Starts 9/6/2019


Stroh Area - Meet at Engleking's

7pm - 1st & 3rd

No Childcare

Study: Matthew

Leader: Steve Engleking & Kirk Perkins

Starts 9/16/2019


Men's Breakfast - Meet at Church

7am - weekly

No boys under High School age​

Study: Devotional Studies pertaining to men


Howe Area - Meet at Wachtman's

6:30pm - every other week

(see calendar)

Children welcome

Study: Exodus

Leader: Brian Wachtman

Starts 9/14/2019

Day Varies:

Prophecy Update Group - Meet at Quick's

6:30pm - weekly (see calendar)

Children welcome

Study: Prophecy Updates with Pastor JD Farag of CC Kaneohei, Hawaii

Leader: Travis Quick


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