There is no breakfast on Saturday October 24th. 

At Calvary Chapel Fellowship in Stroh, we believe that God has called men to play a vital role in the leadership in their marriages, in their families, and in God’s church.  Men need help in order to do this in a world that would do anything to prevent them from becoming the men that God wants them to be; Strong in God’s Word; Strong in Faith; Strong in Prayer; Strong in Relationships.

Men need other men in their lives to help them accomplish this.  Men who are willing to come alongside them, men who are willing to go through life’s struggles with them, and men who are willing to challenge them to stay on the course.

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast meets on Saturday mornings (7:00AM) to give men opportunity to feed their bellies (a man’s got to eat), and opportunity to develop relationships with other men.  We discuss a short devotion from God’s Word and spend time praying for each other’s needs.  Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is open to all men High school and above.

Men’s Bible Study

The men meet weekly (Tuesdays @ 7:00PM) for Bible Study.  We spend time going through books of the Bible or topics related to men.  This allows men to spend time to develop strong and close relationships as we have opportunity to discuss our understanding of what God is teaching us as we develop our leadership skills.  Having men of varied life experiences together allows us to learn from others victories.  We end every Bible Study with prayer for each other’s needs.  Men’s Bible Study is open to all men High school age and above.

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