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About Me

     My name is Andrew Streeter. I grew up in Orland, Indiana. I have 3 older brothers and two younger sisters. I grew up with godly parents who had spent a lot of time searching for the right church to attend. we found Calvary Chapel Fellowship because my oldest brother John had been dating a girl who's family went here. 

     About two or three months after attending I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and started to get plugged in with different church activities. One of those activities was youth group, and the Lord sure used that to grow and mature my faith. Through the next year or two I had grow not only in my knowledge of the Lord, but also developed a relationship with Him. I learned how to hear God's voice better and to seek Him in whatever I set my hands to. 

     After I graduated high school God started to guide me to go to Calvary Chapel bible Collage in Indianapolis (CCBCI). While down there God used the Bible collage program to give me a better understanding of His word and a stronger faith in 
Him. During my time there i married my beautiful wife, Vivian, and also working two different jobs. 

     This year i was asked to pray about moving to northeast Indiana and help out with the youth ministry. through much prayer and seeking of God's will my wife and I decided that god was calling us to be youth leaders at CCF Stroh. So this is were we are now, trying to adjust to all the new changes such as: being 5 minutes from my family, being more than five minutes away from the nearest walmart, and living in the country. we are also trying build up friendships that have been neglected over the time in Indianapolis and to form new friendships with those in our community. 

Choose you this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Joshua 24:15